Professional Growth Plan

There’s nothing like an accident to put things in perspective. In 2015, I was involved in a motor vehicle accident that put me out of work for close to six months. While on my back, I had time to reflect upon what is important to me and my family. Being out of work for several months was a financial hardship. I could either recover and wallow in self-pity or come up with a plan to better our life. That’s when I came up with a personal strategic plan.


I gave myself the next couple of years to complete a degree at La Salle, explore launching my own consulting business, and start a terminal degree program. With the first two complete, I now find myself entering my second year as a doctoral student in Educational Technology Leadership at New Jersey City University.


There are three key areas plan to focus my energies – Professional Development, Coursework, and Career.


Professional Development


Being involved in professional organizations has always been an activity that has given me much satisfaction. I find attending meetings to be intellectually stimulating, motivating, and personally joyful. However, as an introvert, they can also be particularly stressful. In an effort to overcome this, I have decided to push myself and overcome through repeated exposure. Then all that’s left is the best aspects of cultivating professional relationships and defining myself as a member of the professional communities


In the past year, I have worked hard on developing myself as a leader in the field of Educational Technology.  In order to accomplish this, I have joined and become active in several professional societies - at a local, state, national, and international level.  Over the past academic year, I have joined the following societies.


American Educational Research Association

Within this research organization, I have joined the following special interest groups, or SIGs: Graduate Student Council; Technology, Instruction, Cognition, and Learning; Design and Technology; and Advanced Technologies for Learning.  I have volunteered to be a peer reviewer for paper submissions for the 2019 AERA Annual Meeting in the following content areas:  Design and Technology; Science, Teaching, and Learning; Instructional Technology; Learning and Instruction; and Technology-Based Environments.  


Blackboard Exemplary Course Program

In early 2018, I completed training in the Blackboard ECP and, shortly after, reviewed my first course.  I will continue to be involved with this program as it allows me to keep up with innovative approaches to course design within the framework of the Blackboard LMS platform.  This is of particular interest to me as I am a Blackboard administrator at my institution, have provided training on its use to faculty and staff, and look to keep up on my design skills as I transition into a new phase of my career.


Consortium of Higher Education LGBT Resource Professionals

After being asked to chair the LGBTQIA Council at the Philadelphia Campus of Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, I joined this consortium as a way to better engage with other professionals in the region.  I have joined the regional group


As a service to my industry, I have reached out to different professional organizations offering my services as a reviewer.  I have reviewed for the following organizations:


American Educational Research Association

Drexel University Assessment Conference

Drexel University e-Learning 3.0 Conference

The Generalists in Medical Education

Educause 2019 ELI Annual Meeting


U. Sciences e-Learning 3.0 Conference



In addition to reviewing proposals, I have been a judge for the following events:


Research Day: Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine - Philadelphia Campus

Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science - Region 1C



Presentations I have given or have been accepted to give, over the past year included:


Create, Innovate, and Re-imagine the World with Robotics

A demonstration on the transformation of teaching and learning with robotics and drones

L. Ziegler,

D.J. Koch - Doctoral Research Assistant

Rutgers University

New Brunswick, NJ; August 2017


Robotics and Simulation in Medical Education

D.J. Koch

NJCU Confucius Institute

Ningxia Province Academic Leaders’ Professional Teaching Capacity Training Delegation

Jersey City, NJ; November 2017


Innovate and Re-Imagine Education with Robotics and Drones

Robots in Clinical Training

D.J. Koch

NJCU Graduate Programs Webinar, April 2018


Proctoring - Lessons Learned

D.J. Koch, S.C. Wolfe

ExamSoft Assessment Conference 2018

Ft. Lauderdale, FL; June 2018


Utilizing Online Collaborative Tools to Promote New Learning

D.J. Koch

Magna Teaching with Technology Conference

St. Louis, MO; October, 2018

Stepping Up Your Game With SAMR (submitted)

D.J. Koch, B. McCarty, C. Munn


Hershey, PA; February 2019


Course Work


In the first year of the doctoral program, I have taken the following courses


Summer Term, 2018

EDTC 801, Summer Institute I

EDTC 802, Principles of Educational Technology Leadership

EDTC 803, Data Analysis and Report Writing


Fall Term, 2018

EDTC 804, Global Issues in Educational Technology Leadership

EDTC 805, Cross-discipline Studies in Technology


Spring Term, 2017

EDTC 806, Research Methods in Educational Technology Leadership

EDTC 807, Implementation and Evaluation of Curriculum


During my first year, my grades were sufficient to allow me to join the following two professional honor societies:

Pi Lambda Theta

Kappa Delta Pi, Delta Upsilon Chapter


In my second year I successfully completed the following course:


Summer Term, 2018

EDTC 808, Summer Institute II

EDTC 813, Advanced Using Integrated Software across the Curriculum

EDTC 814, Advanced Effective Models of E-Learning


Fall Term, 2018

EDTC 815, Advanced Administration and Supervision of Technology in Educational Settings

EDTC 809, Assessment and Evaluation


Spring Term, 2019

EDTC 816, Advanced Methods for Building Online Communities

EDTC 810, Statistics for Educational Research

My third year will see me finishing my last didactic courses and moving into my research.

Summer Term, 2019

EDTC 811: Summer Institute in Educational Technology Leadership III

EDTC 816: Teaching in the Adult Learning Environment

EDTC 817: Advanced Development and Managing Distance Learning Programs

My research will take place at a small university in the mid-Atlantic region where I will be looking at the effect of gaming elements in a discussion forum on student attitudes of social engagement.





I continue to have an interest in developing a consulting company focusing on evaluating and implementing educational technology solutions in the area of collaborative learning for college-level learners. 


In the meantime, I have spent a considerable amount of effort in creating contacts through professional organizations listed above.  I have found the process of presenting at meetings and reviewing talk proposals both rewarding and stimulating.  An added bonus is the development of new professional connections.


In the spring of 2018, I was asked to be the Chair of the LGBTQIA Council at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine.  My goal is to implement new procedures, institutionalize programming, and raise awareness of LGBTQIA issues for the faculty, staff, students, as well as our patients through a servant style of leadership (Northouse, 2018).  As described above, I have joined the  Consortium of Higher Education LGBT Resource Professionals with the intent of introducing new programming for the community.


I continue to work to promote myself and others through speaking engagements at conferences and plan on submitting talk proposals in the next year for the following conferences:


The Generalists in Medical Education (2019)



Northouse, P. G. (2018). Leadership: Theory and practice. Sage publications.





 © 2019 by Douglas J. Koch