Theory and Practice


EDTC 805 Cross-Discipline Studies in Technology

Fall, 2017

The focus of the course is exploration and evaluation of advanced and emergent technologies and the means by which education and training leaders learn about them and sustain them in a learning environment. This course assists educational and corporate professionals to develop innovative educational and organization practices across disciplines.


Project 1: Emerging Technologies - Wearable Technology

Manuel Negron and Iris Castillo were my co-team members on a presentation to my cohort on the current state of Wearable Technology as it relates to education


Project 2: DIY PGP: Utilizing Online Collaborative Tools to Promote New Learning

This professional developmental project was a conference proposal submission that was originally rejected with the suggestion for submission to a sister conference.  The proposal was accepted and will be presented at Magna's Teaching With Technology Conference in October 2018.  The original focus of the talk has changed slightly since the original submission and I will be spending time discussing not just the tools but a few theoretical frameworks utilized by educators to enhance learning.


Project 3: Technology Theme Park - Pepito's World

Our final project in the course was to create a themed website replete with activities utilizing various interactive technologies.  For my project, I chose to focus on my chihuahua Pepito.



EDTC 807 Implementation and Evaluation of Curriculum

Spring, 2018

This course will provide candidates with a comprehensive understanding of the landscape of implementation and evaluation of educational technology programs. The philosophies, methods, and processes of curriculum design in educational technology will provide the framework for curricular models; resources for decision-making; and evaluation methods for educational and corporate settings.


Project 1: Historical Background

This paper explored the role of curriculum in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.  


Project 2: Conservative vs. Progressive View of Education

This was a review of conservative and progressive issues in education.  I compared E. D. Hirsch's conservative view against John Dewey's progressive view.


Project 3: Informal Learning Trend

I did a review of informal learning environments that take place in online learning platforms, specifically nail art communities found on YouTube.


Project 4: Curriculum Implementation Plan

This paper explores the implementation of a curriculum plan for a fictional company.  I chose to discuss the creation of a training program on how to apply acrylic nails in a global organization.



EDTC 808 Summer Institute in Educational Technology Leadership II

Summer, 2018

This course is the second five-week intensive summer seminar for Year II doctoral cohort candidates. The course focuses on building the skills, knowledge, understanding, and commitment necessary to become effective leaders in a variety of organizational settings


Project 1: Jobs Review

This project had me review the job landscape in the Ed Tech field in areas of K-12, Higher Education, and Corporate.  


Project 2: Professional Growth Plan

My updated professional growth plan as of the end of my first year in the program.


EDTC 814, Advanced Effective Models of E-Learning

Summer, 2018

At an advanced level, this course focuses on concepts and strategies necessary to step into a leadership role in the integration and application of technology and E-learning. Students explore delivering instruction through multimedia and/or multiple modalities with a focus on matching appropriate technologies to learning outcomes. Students will also explore the role of leadership in balancing the priorities of technology integration and curriculum decisions.


Project 1: Simulation Case Study

During our face to face week, the cohort broke into small groups to run the leadership and team building simulation centered around an assent up Mt. Everest.  My team was composed of Manny Negron, Carol Munn, Linda Lambert, and Barbara McCarty, and myself.  The simulation gave some examples of good design and the need for clear instructions.  More information may be found by clicking here.


Project 2:  Higher Ed Case Studies

This project was an exercise in doing a needs assessment based on two academic cases.  I assessed the case in areas including needs, tasks, learner characteristics, and goals and objectives.


Project 3: Leadership Vision and eLearning Plan

This is a personal vision plan for e-learning in the workplace.


EDTC 816, Advanced Methods for Building Online Communities

Spring, 2019

The course prepares students for roles as online community researchers, designers, managers, and users. It will introduce important concepts, terms, and theories about online communities. Students will gain a better understanding of how social science research can help design interaction spaces that encourage community building.


Assignment 1: Online Community Scan

This informal artifact is a review of existing online communities related to my current area of interest - online discussions in higher education.

Assignment 2: Educational Online Community Analysis

Carol Munn, Susan Van Alstyne, and I analyzed an organization's online communication strategy.  The LINCS Integrating Technology Community was chosen as an exemplar with in-depth information provided by David J. Rosen, Moderator of two LINCS CoP groups.

Assignment 3: Design of an Online Community

The final assignment for the course had us design an online community based on our current research interest.  The community of Inquiry theoretical framework was chosen as my content area.  My prototype may be found here.

EDTC 817, Advanced Developing and Managing Distance Learning Programs

Summer, 2019

Delivering high-quality distance learning programs requires innovation in program development and delivery. In this course, students will analyze the relevant issues impacting distance education and incorporate an understanding of the historical and current evolution of distance learning into a vision for the future. Students will explore industry best practices in planning, launching, maintaining, and coordinating distance education programs.

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